First blog post

Since poetry is not usually seen or noticed by people on an everyday basis . People tend to have to look for poetry . It is not something that is in plain site within our society . People who read poetry tend to be the people who prefer poetry reading as a hobby . Poetry can be just a simple expression of what someone has to say .It is a way to express our inner most feelings , and to make those feelings heard by others through the choice of our words . The way that words are formed on a page , can make all the difference in how they will be interpreted by the people around us. Poetry is the absolute beauty of the human heart expressing emotion in a form that delights and leaves the reader with a feeling of contentment in one spectrum and a feeling of remorse in another. No other form of writing has the ability and power to inspire emotion created through poetry.



Ernesto Conrrado

Better than a thunder storm
no silence emitted in the sky
lighting with fury distilled colors
undeniably metal shape up high

take me up with You brothers
and sisters of the galaxy , show
me beautiful things in other stars
take me out this nonsense reality
I have been living in the Earth now

iĀ  want to discover You and see
inside of Your ships for the first time
You came from great distances , so
please allow me to be taken guys

neither fear nor confusion andĀ 
without hatred but love aloneĀ 
we humans look at the sky wondering
worlds earth-like planets for so long

flying saucers are amazing to see
but communication among us
the most sensation of all , to be
in alliance once and for all , and
to create a better future for us all




Stream of Dreams


Stream of Dreams
Ernesto Conrrado

You might have wild dreams
or did You sleep away days
until reality rain comes again
and unsticks the glue of your
fantasies you hold when all
the people around you show
hypocrisy to compliment You

Nightmares of who You are
reveals all your fears with
Your eyes closed , unprotected
nonetheless; your voice came
through to me in one solitude
night , young, beauty , scared

Your heart is gently leaned on
my chest pulsing vibrations
i am breathing in a soft, cooled breeze
with You top on my imagination
it makes me feel comfortably loved