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Since poetry is not usually seen or noticed by people on an everyday basis . People tend to have to look for poetry . It is not something that is in plain site within our society . People who read poetry tend to be the people who prefer poetry reading as a hobby . Poetry can be just a simple expression of what someone has to say .It is a way to express our inner most feelings , and to make those feelings heard by others through the choice of our words . The way that words are formed on a page , can make all the difference in how they will be interpreted by the people around us. Poetry is the absolute beauty of the human heart expressing emotion in a form that delights and leaves the reader with a feeling of contentment in one spectrum and a feeling of remorse in another. No other form of writing has the ability and power to inspire emotion created through poetry.


Unmerited Love(Ernesto Conrrado)

You’re giving me love
despite the sins i commit 

You’re giving me peace

in the midst of this chaos 

You’re giving me joy

when i am unhappy

You’re giving me comfort

under bad circumstances 

You’re giving me provision

when i have nothing

You’re giving me strength

when i doubt myself 

How grateful i am Jesus for

having a God like You Lord!

to lean on You in every 

difficult situation, hoping

that You’ll see me from 

above and display all 

Your unmerited Great Love

oh! Blonde woman ( Ernesto Conrrado )


Yes, you’re beautiful
oh! blonde woman
Yes, you’re beautiful
oh! lovely heart
You are so sweet, and
Gorgeous. What can be
better than looking into
your eyes and seeing there
the reflection of your soul
and a boundless love within?
You are so perfectly beautiful
even the sun is under your feet
oh! blonde woman , Your
beauty is even stronger than
a thunder crashing down , i
can feel Your energy now
flowing down my spine. Your
beauty is reflected in everyone
and everything around you
and your soul shines upon
dark places , just to be noticed
among those who can
contemplate Your attributes  

So Grateful ( Ernesto Conrrado )


i am grateful for this life i live
and for my God above certainly

thankful for things i’ve endured
to built a better character for sure

i am thankful i have health and
something to eat daily , and for
the life of my dear Parents greatly

i am thankful for the job which
provides bread on my table

i do not take for granted all
the blessings i have daily Jesus!

i am thankful for the lessons learned
even when i messed up so bad

i am thankful i have a room to sleep
it might not be my house ; yet ,
i am protected from cold & freeze


Blonde goddess (Ernesto Conrrado)

Blonde haired, blue eyed girl
You’re eyes are like the sky

and, I stop and think about

Your lovely white skin shinning

among the stars and the clouds 

of wonder you bring in my life

Your beauty shines like no other 

female, your the reason why my 

heart beats stronger ,in life your

blonde beauty has touched my 

warm loving heart :your truly the

reason why I truly love you with 

all of my heart beautiful pretty 

blonde princess and goddess

You’re lovely and petite with a

long flowing blonde hair,the target

of constant unwanted attention. 

I would passionately romantically

kiss you, and  hold you in my arms 

and feel our hearts beating together

in utter harmony knowing that your 

truly loved, and truly protected ever 

single day in your lifetime beautiful

pretty blonde princess and goddess

In You ( Jesus ) Ernesto Conrrado

In You (Jesus)alone 

my worth is found 

what tremendous joy , 

this truth profound

to know I’m precious

in Your sight

my strength, my hope, 

my life’s delight


You know I’ve been 

in desperation lately

also waiting for Your 

Spiritual touched

emptiness and isolation 

have been stinging this 

soul for so long ; however,

You(Jesus) are with me , 

no matter if this situation 

is choking my throat sourly 

You(Jesus) are the miracle 

that sets me free by only 

pronouncing blessings over me 

bound from the chains of 

pain You(Jesus) are the miracle 

that takes everything away

You(Jesus) are the miracle 

of LOVE, Perfection in 

Beauty , God of gods 

there’s no one else I set 

my trust You’re the Best 

reality that ever exist

You are Lord of lords ,

Son of God indeed 

Deliverance (Ernesto Conrrado)


The weight is lifted off
for He(Jesus) is setting
us free, from things we
had done wrong , from
many sins we’ve committed
the Glory of the dawn
rises in the morning
our souls praise for
the song of deliverance
only Jesus can provide
my soul cries to only You
my Savior Lord and King
Jesus Christ !Son of God
Only Him could bear the
monstrosity of our hearts’
truly Greater is His Love
for all humanity who stray
away from his Love,
Grace and Presence

What’s Anger (Ernesto Conrrado)


it has been said that

Anger is rational,

natural,  emotional

yet , it can affect

people differently

and can manifest to

produce different
actions or results

therefore; when it gets

out of control and

turns destructive,

it can lead to problems

Anger can give us
palpitations , tremble

in all the words we

want to speak , even we

can experience crack

in our voices indeed

nonetheless ; Ephesians

4 : 26-27 says “In your

anger do not sin”: Do not

let the sun go down while

you are still angry, and

do not give the devil

a foothold”